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  • American Gold Eagles
    Great for Collecting and as an Investment
  • Keep Your Gold and Silver in "Your Safe"
    Not in a Depository
  • American Silver Eagles
    Over 35 Million Sold Last Year
    Great for Collecting and as an Investment
  • From the Worlds Best Gold Manufacturers
    Easy to Collect and Store

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Commitment to Excellence

Let WWB Metals assist you in your search for precious metals..

WWB Membership

WWB Metals is an online retailer that supplies WWB members with physical Gold and Silver products at the lowest prices possible.


We deal strictly in physical metals for delivery directly to the customer. We believe the only way to own precious metals is to hold them in your possession.

How did we do it?

Quite simply, WWB Metals was built on the fundamental principle of integrity, reflected in the way we serve our customers, treat each other, and deliver our products.

CEO Commitment

We are dedicated to responding to and meeting the diverse and changing needs of our clients, always striving to be approachable, flexible, positive and professional.


Our Current Portfolio

You Crawl before you walk, Walk before you run. Today we're just standing up.



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